Kokoon API Documentation


Kokoon API is a powerful video-enhancing APIs, bringing the transformative magic of kokoon cloud's AI technology directly to your platform.
To create an account, try out the service for free, or buy credits, check out the official website.
The Kokoon API is built on HTTP and is RESTful. It has predictable resource URLs and returns HTTP response codes to indicate errors. It also accepts and returns JSON in the HTTP body. Use your favorite HTTP/REST library in your programming language when using this API. Moreover, the APIs expose the different tools to apply only the parts of our AI offering which you prefer.
You can upload video in most formats, including mp4, mov, mkv and codec, including H265, H264, ProRes, and you can choose to get the output video same as originals.


Requests are authenticated with an API key. If you do not have one, you can get one Here.
If your key has leaked, you can revoke it and request a new one in your API page.

Authentication example#

  • The API key must be used as a token in the authentication header for all requests.
curl -X GET \
"https://develop.kokoon.cloud/kokoon/api/sr/v3/video/${vid}" \
-H 'Authorization: ${YOUR_API_KEY}'

Authentication error code#

  • authentication error.
"message": "authorization error."

Buy credits

If you need more credits, you can purchase more credits through the button link above.

  • Total credit = Total price x 4
  • Total price = Ratio price + Storage price
  • Ratio price = Resolution Ratio x Output Duration Ratio x FPS Ratio x AI Model Ratio


Any question? Contact us at support@blue-dot.io or join the Facebook Community.